Paula Shoultz makes photos, performances, installations and conceptual artworks. Her photographs are considered aesthetically effervescent, a serial springboard for reflection and projection. By referencing Romanticism and symbolism, her works embody the post-modern, champion the feminist and buck the archaic traditions of religious and political standards. 

By challenging the division between memory and experience, Shoultz creates work through a labor intensive process which can be interpreted as a personal liberation ritual. Her images demonstrate how life extends beyond its own subjective confines and often narrates storylines that are globally relatable even if embedded in staunchly personal constructs.

Shoultz transfers her imagery from both celluloid and pixels to many different materials such as silk, wood, paper and phototex. Experimentation is at the core of her process, always scrutinizing and harmonizing her approach to best catapult her imagery into the landscape of the beholder.

Recent Works

scanner as camera

Past Works