Within the layers of her acid hued, dreamlike photographs, Paula Shoultz questions the milestones of her existence as a female in the American sociopolitical landscape. She creates tableau scenes within existing landscapes, incorporating flowers and other symbolic objects, self as figure and her own children. The production of each shoot becomes a performance, the resulting image becomes a nuclear shadow of the energy created within the construction. Shoultz intends to make an impression on viewers by presenting them with imagery that jars, bewilders, enchants, and begs each person to question their own path even after they have walked away from the image.

Shoultz was born in southern Indiana and earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Herron School of Art and Design in 2006. She worked as studio assistant to international artist, Linda Adele Goodine and later moved into freelance photography and the art of event floral design. While working as a designer and freelancer, Shoultz began an unpaid curator position at an Indianapolis gallery in 2009 and continues to direct all art operations there. All while giving emerging local artists opportunities to showcase their works in the gallery, Paula has actively been creative by making series of works that build on and borrow from each other over time. In 2016, Shoultz’s photograph, Vanishing Twin, was selected to be displayed on a billboard in the metro area for an entire year as part of the Indianapolis Arts Council’s High Art Billboard Project. Artists who influence Shoultz’s process are David Lachapelle, Makota Azuma, Sally Mann, Linda Adele Goodine, and Gregory Crewdson just to name a few.